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We The Famish International is an organization, merchandising in Industrial Safety. We were born in January 2013. We intend to provide unmitigated head to toe safety majorly dealing in Safety footwear,  Personal Protective Equipments (PPE), Detection Systems. We provide specialized Industrial Safety Trainings aswell. We have invariably led the way to make the workplace safer. Famish International Safety Products has the all-embracing portfolio of leading safety solutions in the marketplace today.



We are linked with a number of International Brands such as JCB and Honeywell henceforth never compromising with the quality is not what we say but it’s what we deliver .We deal in all standardized ISI and CE marked products only. We make terms on the basis of quality, there's none other parameter that we prefer to. We are committed to equip our clients with the best quality available and would stay on the same.


“We value our commitment, because we value you. “        



Our vision is to proffer products and services with an emphasis on performance and to extend our services in the international market place as well. We help customers build enduring safety cultures across a wide range that encompass general safety and preparedness and edify them to be the first responder. We are here to curtail injuries, perpetuate a more protective and productive workplace.

Selling and making out money is not that what we aspire of, because we don’t sell goods, we sell quality. We in India are neglecting the basics by neglecting the safety out of silly notions that investment in safety do not shows a direct yield. If we practically make out it, its really not a notion it’s a fact that it do not shows a direct yield, but we need to think it other way that we can’t afford a casualty, affording safety is a better option. Secondly working with safety creates a healthy and snug environment for the end users which directly affects his efficiency. We need to promote it all. Hand in hand day by day we will come up better and stronger.